We each have an ability to promote positive change under the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This is one place to find your drive, voice, and outlet.


Thoughful Citizen

Welcome to Patrolo!

This blog is a growing compilation of resources, opinions, and information for people who care about what is happening in America. Here you will find newsfeeds, links, and documents relevant to what is happening to the democratic process in this country with an emphasis on the checks and balances of our government, war, issues such as immigration, and the overall "liberty" of our nation. I have created this blog because of the urge to do something about it and speak out about what I view as the deteriorating situation in my country.

Some of the things that alarm me:

  • Congress is issuing important subpoenas that are getting rejected by the president
  • At the college career fair, half of the recruiters are defense contractors
  • We are all driving cars, and those car's emission standards are not even technically challenging for automakers
  • Americans in general are uniformed and uninvolved
  • Lobbyists are swarming all over our legislators with much more intensity than the people that they represent
  • Teachers and education have a low priority in the governments scheme of things
  • The government has failed to put together immigration reform
  • Americans are getting fat, and kids are trained to be fat by having it given to them in their schools and TV sets by dominating food companies
  • Good people all over the world are giving us the thumbs down for our foreign policy and impact
Please respond to these issues or any others that you feel are relevant to this dialogue, and please, above all, get involved by using the links to contact your representatives in government about what you want them to do.

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